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Logo - Food in the City-1In our monthly ‘Food in the city’ meetups, we learn about real-life projects and the tangible work of our speakers & participants. This month we focused on Urban Design and the use of public and built space for food production. We are glad to host fellow urban food and design enthusiasts from a variety of backgrounds. Their projects covered the use of cooperative structures, architecture, engineering, and psychology! This blog post wraps up all contributions with links to related content.

Food in the City - Nov-21-2021
Calling for Contributors

Become a Writer or Panelist

Farmlyplace, an aspiring company of local food production and urban farming in Berlin is currently looking for supporters, and that means at the moment writers, panelists or any other form of evangelist. 

What we would love is: Typically, after visiting us, or attended an event, you just write 300-500 words for a blog post, based on sustainable life and local food in Berlin, or any other related topic or relevant projects in that field. Thats it.

What is expected

What we’re looking for is quality and relevance, dependability and high attention to detail. We need experienced writers who know how to create web articles on various topics, format them properly in WordPress, and include high quality internal and external links.

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