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Students are shown the opportunities to get fit for new and emerging  jobs profiles including subjects to focus on in school, higher education degree programs related to urban development and agriculture, local scholarships and other opportunities.
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on-site experience in Berlin


The programs STEM for Girls and Learning Experience

in urban agriculture aim to teach middle and high school students about the diverse job opportunities available in urban  agriculture; from running a Kiezfarm, to working in a food safety laboratory, and everything in between. 

The programs STEM for Girls and Learning Experience  in urban agriculture aim to teach middle and high school students about the diverse job opportunities available in urban  agriculture; from running a Kiezfarm, to working in a food safety laboratory, and everything in between. 
on-site experience in Berlin

Guided Tours

More than just Guided Tours!

Students are encouraged to fall in love with urban farming by being introduced to real-life farming and hands-on learning. No matter the students’ age or specialization, a learning platform will be curated geared to your group’s unique learning needs.

Farm Labs workshop
virtual and blended

Farm Labs

Explores the scientific basics of urban agriculture.

These sessions are  designed for students with little to no background in agriculture. Together we will define the urban farming terms, explore substrates, the parts of a plant, and supporting insects in biological pest control. We will also discuss the economic importance of various plants that are grown in hydroponic farms to facilitate local markets with local produce.

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on-site, blended, virtual

Differentiated Learning

providing all students within their diverse classroom community of learners a range of different avenues for understanding new information (often in the same classroom) in terms of: acquiring content; processing, constructing, or making sense of ideas; and developing teaching materials and assessment measures so that all students within a classroom can learn effectively, regardless of differences in their ability.
Educational programs in Berlin, Germany
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Partnerships, cooperations, customers, joint-ventures

At Farmlyplace, we believe that strategic partnerships with experts will allow us to provide our clients and students with even greater value. We believe that synergies out of open cooperation and contracted ventures will enhance our impact as an educational content provider. We believe that selected partnerships will help us spread the word and support more experiential and collaborative learning as well as help us in reshaping approaches to Education for Sustainability.

Educational programs in Berlin, Germany

Seedling Nursery

The primary benefit of a nursery is that it offers more space to grow in and can make growers more efficient as a result.

A seedlings nursery is at the heart of an efficient urban farm. The purpose is the production and encouraged growth of stable and strong plants for hydroponic performance. This type of facility is typically designed to create a continuous output of native hydroponic plants in urban areas.


Maker Space

The goal of a Makerspace is to empower students and interns at the Kiezfarm to see themselves as inventors, builders and creators. The Kiezfarms mission is to allows differentiated learning of new skills through trial and error, experiencing failure of an initial idea, the exploration of possible alternatives and then problem solving to improve the Kiezfarm's operations and innovations.
Educational programs in Berlin, Germany

Farm Day

In an effort to reach and educate more community members about local agriculture, Farmlyplace established the Kiezfarm.

The Farm Day at Kiezfarm’s mission is to connect and educate the community about the farm origins of their food to cultivate informed citizens and agricultural ambassadors. 

Join us for a day full of tours to local (Kiez)farms, greenhouses and other urban-agricultural organizations. Each part of the city has something different to see.
Education for Impact

What we do and why this matters

Promote an understanding of environmental sustainability through hands-on education
Our programs support students by inviting them to view and engage with real-life applications of the natural sciences and social and economical theory they’ve learned in school. Bring your students to The Kiezfarm and participate in one of the many program options available. Discounted prices for larger groups.

stem for girls
A few highlights from the current program

STEM for Girls

Engage Students with Virtual Farm Labs

High school science class doesn’t need to be difficult and it doesn’t need to be separated from the games that today’s students love. Today, students know more about game characters than they do about science. That’s why Farmly Academy uses game-based learning. Our simulations are fun as well as challenging. 96% of our customers agree that Farmly Academy helps engage their students and improves learning outcomes in STEM subject matters.

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In modern farming we do our best to guarantee quality and safety in food production - thus addressing concerns that are uppermost in consumers' minds today.

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