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Red Shiso Bunch
Red Shiso leafs
Red Shiso Seedlings
Tahoon Seedlings
Mizuna Bunch
Mizuna Seedlings
Green Shiso leafs
Mustard Greens - Scarlett Frills
Cilantro Bunch
Thai Basil Stem
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The water consumption is on average 19-38 liters per day per unit. The closed water cycle avoids any soil contamination.Energy-saving lighting is provided exclusively by a LED lamp system with a researched and tested light spectrum optimized for plant growth and bio mass.The consumption of resources such as water, light and nutrients is adapted to the respective plants and growth phases and thus enables optimal growth conditions at all times. With sensors and control technology, FarmlyPlace continuously controls the light, temperature, humidity, CO2 content of the air and nutrient level in the water.

The growing method does not involve any pesticides, herbicides, allergens or other toxic byproducts so it does not contaminate freshwater or soil. Delicious and rare varieties which can’t be cultivated elsewhere or outdoors because of environmental and climate factors as they are no longer resistant, can now once again be grown.

without long-distance transportation, wasting energy in cooling logistics or dispensing one-way-plastic-packaging. Farmlyplace produces high yields of lettuce and leafy greens on a fraction of space, compared to other methods and is local. It can be part of a housing structure, rooftop, backyard, parking lot, underground or other non-used space. It can also be moved from one unused location to another location.



Population growth, increasing urbanization, climate change and depleted soils – the production of our food is becoming an ever greater challenge. We need new ways. But how can our food not have these long journeys and can be extremely fresh at the same time? Furthermore, we also want to get healthy food and but we refuse to take any residues of herbicides, pesticides or other excipients with the food.

Our food should not have such long journeys anymore, but it still must be harvest fresh. Furthermore, we want healthy food and do not accept any residues of herbicides, pesticides or other additives in our food. Farmlyplace starts with ‘controlled environment farms’ to ensure the required high-quality in local produce of fresh and healthy lettuce, leafy greens and herbs directly in the cities. On top of all, Farmlyplace produces your leafy greens regardless of season and weather, all-year-round right next to your place.


facts and numbers
324 billion

ton-kilometers (tkm) of food transported per year 

One tkm represents the transport of one tonne by road over one kilometre. 1 billion = 1 000 000 000

16.7 %

Food products, beverages and tobacco transported by road

The product group with the highest share in tonne-kilometres in the EU in 2021. Source: Eurostat (actual data)

95 %

Vertical farming consumes approx. 95% less water 

Farmlyplace grows larger amounts of food, with fewer natural resources, and lower workload compared to soil-based farming.

97 %

up to 97% less land use with vertical farming

Hydroponics in a controlled environment like a FarmlyPlace can have 15-20 times more of the yearly production per m² than a regular outdoor production on soil.

local - fresh- healthy - sustainable

Grow into the future


fresh tasty

refined, progressive food

produced closer to the consumer

to where humans actually live

non-average types of greens and herbs

unprecedented freshness and its pure style

365 days a year, regardless of any climate fluctuations, local weather disasters or hurricanes.

lowered food miles

no long distance transportation

hyper local

no long distance transportation

healthy food

no weeds = no herbicides

In hydroponics, there are no seeds from unwanted plants in the system, so there are no weeds that make us dispute the harvest. Therefore, no herbicide is not needed nor used.


Our Products and Services

At Farmlyplace, we think that everyone, regardless of where they live or how much money they have, should have access to fresh, healthy, and sustainably cultivated food. That's why we've made it our mission to bring urban farming to communities all over the world by providing affordable, simple-to-use, and customizable farm franchise packages that include everything you need to get started growing your own food.

Professional Services

In controlled environment farming (CEA) for local urban plant production efficiency is paramount, especially if energy prices are of concern. Urban Farmers, who strive for a return on investment must be proficient in more than just crop production methods; quality, reliability and resilience in volatile markets need robust service operations with a decent amount of flexibility. Farmlplace is ready to help.

Health Food and Supplements

Vertical Farming offers a new and exciting way to cultivate herbs with functional benefits for our well-being. Indoor CEA solves a number of concerns like a constant yield of active substances and the absence of contamination by other plants. This makes indoor farming the tool of the trade for the production of clean and defined produce. Such plants can be ingredients to medicinal preparations and teas or used purely as so called functional- or "super" foods. 

Nonprofit & Education

There is an increasing demand, in the wake of global crises and disasters, for urban agriculture, biodiversity and other nature-positive innovations to combat climate change. Not only that, but also to provide social strengthening within our cities. Farmlyplace’s Kiezfarm seeks to solve this problem by encouraging educational, social, and sustainable action within communities. The project is to leverage recent advancements and to produce healthy, and environmentally responsible food. 

Why not simply...

Choose the Best?

Best-of-breed products are often quicker to deploy and come with proven and intuitive designs, are easier to run and to adopt to a local setting than closed and complex systems. That is where well educated decisions become often the success factors. 

Try our systems as a pilot installation

Get ready for coming disruptions in food logistics, shortages in food supply and become a local producer of fresh and healthy food in your very neighborhood.

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