Farm Keeping Services

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Farming as a Service (FaaS)

Farmlyplace comes with everything to get your urban farm going

Farmlyplace' farm keeping services provide you  information, consulting, equipment, and supplies to the urban agricultural industry. 

Farming as a Service (FaaS) is a professional service framework offering a suite of agricultural management solutions for urban farming facilities. From starting-up your farm, to fully managing it – Farmlyplace has the right services to support your needs!



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I’m still not sure which professional service offering best suits my needs.

If after reviewing “Farmkeeping Services”, you are still having trouble determining which offering best suits your farm, fill out the form below and someone from our team will get in touch with you to discuss. 

Definitely! In fact, Our Fully Managed Farm Operations already includes our Farm Start Up Service.

We can operate farms anywhere in the world, we just need enough notice to make arrangements and deploy a team!

It depends on how much time you want to spend on a continuous supply of seedlings, nutrient optimisation and pest control - also during holiday times.

We provide farm-specific quotes for all our services. Since each facility is unique we take farm size, labour needs, crop type, farming system, etc., into consideration when providing a quote.

Yes! The Farmlyplace team would love to learn more about your case so we can determine how to help. However, any consultations with our urban farming experts will come at a cost.

We can help with that too! At Farmlyplace, there is more information regarding our Kiezfarm Franchises and you can connect with one of our sales representatives for support.

Professional Services

Farm Keeping Services

Our services are always scalable. When your business is ready to expand, we will work with you to successfully scale your farm operations.

How It Works

We will provide a Senior Farm Operations Manager and/or Maintenance Technician to lead and operate your farm(s). With our support, your organization will employ the remaining local labour for packaging and harvesting under the direction and supervision of the Senior Farm Operations Manager. We will take care of all training, onboarding and scheduling.

A dedicated remote support team will also be available to address any issues, farming challenges or operational concerns.



- delivery of farm consumables for stable production process
- regular monitoring of growing conditions in water and air
- on-site farm-keeping visits

Fully-Managed Farm Operations*

- Crop management and maximization from seed to harvest.
- farm operations, supply management, hiring and operational training.
- Monitoring and tracking of environmental controls such as water, lighting and HVAC.
- A team of industry experts available to address any issues or questions along the way.
- Biological pest control measures and monitoring
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