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Our flexible and transparent pricing models are available to companies of all sizes. We would be happy to arrange a non-binding consultation to find the best solution for your demanding challenges.

The Pricing in Detail


You have defined a project and created a clear briefing. This gives us a comprehensive overview and allows us to start implementation immediately. We can also offer you an all-inclusive price.


You need a specialised external contact person or an entire team for an extended period to overcome your transformation and growth challenges.

Time & Material

You have not yet defined a project. Neither you nor we can estimate the effort involved. You urgently need the support of experts. You may lack resources or there may be short-term cancellations in your team.

Questions and Answers

Arrange a free, no-obligation consultation with us to discuss your requirements and find the right option for you.

The choice depends on the scope, budget and duration of your project:

  • Flat-rate prices are best suited to clearly defined, short-term projects.
  • Retainer models are suitable for lasting, long-term partnerships.
  • Time and material is ideal for projects with a variable scope.
  • Customized solutions are recommended for unique or complex requirements.

Exactly! We know that business requirements can change. You can switch between the models by prior arrangement, depending on the progress of the project or changing requirements.

Transparency is the key to our pricing. All potential costs are clearly outlined in each model. For time and material models or models that are billed on a time and material basis, the costs are updated regularly.

The ROI calculation varies depending on the model:

  • Lump sum prices/retainer: Based on the value of the services provided compared to the costs.
  • Time and material: Evaluated according to the effectiveness and efficiency of the solutions delivered.
  • Customized solutions: ROI is evaluated based on the achievement of specific project goals and improvements in operational efficiency.

Company background, project scope, specific service requirements, desired outcomes and special considerations or constraints.

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