As we bid adieu to 2023, Farmlyplace finds itself at a crucial crossroads in the world of data-driven farming. Our journey began with a splash of foresight and innovation in 2017, and this year has been a whirlwind of educational endeavors and groundbreaking solutions, specifically designed for the smart cities of the future.

The Year of the Trailblazers

fp_ smart-green-cube hydroponic city furniture_EN_1Since our humble beginnings, Farmlyplace has been at the forefront of merging technology and agriculture. We were quick to recognize the immense potential of data-driven approaches in vertical farming, aligning with the global shift towards more efficient, sustainable, and clever agricultural practices. The recent grand reveal of the world's largest vertical farm in Norfolk, along with the integration of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology in farming practices, as witnessed in 2023, perfectly showcase the kind of groundbreaking innovations Farmlyplace has been championing and perfecting.

Our dedication to smart urban farming solutions has never wavered. Throughout 2023, we made it our mission to enhance our systems with the power of AI and machine learning, ensuring that data-driven decision-making is not just an added feature, but the very backbone of our operations. This approach has proven to be vital in tackling the challenges posed by urban environments, such as limited space and resource management.

The Future of Smart Cities and beyond

Moving forward to 2024, Farmlyplace is strategically positioned to further explore the realm of data-driven farming, specifically in the realm of smart cities and life sciences. Our objective is to enhance our agility at the intersection of data-driven farming, science, and technology. We are thrilled to transition into a contract research organization, nurturing close partnerships with universities and the life sciences industry. This shift will enable us to make a more significant contribution to the field, blending research with practical applications.

It is important to note that The Kiezfarm ( ) remains a fundamental aspect of our vision. As a franchise concept for non-profit neighborhood farms, it exemplifies our commitment to community involvement and sustainable urban development. Kiezfarm continues to serve as a testament to our belief in the potential of local, community-driven farming solutions.

As we embark on this new chapter, Farmlyplace is determined to redefine the limits of what is achievable in urban agriculture. Our journey is not solely focused on adopting new technologies; rather, it is centered around seamlessly integrating them into our research and operations to create a future that is more sustainable and food-secure. We invite you to join us as we continue to innovate and lead in the exhilarating world of data-driven farming in smart cities.

Data-Driven Vertical Farming in the City

Global Vertical Farming Show - Dubai 2023A remarkable development in the field of data-driven vertical farming, which aligns perfectly with Farmlyplace and the concept of smart cities, is the introduction of the world's largest vertical farm by Fischer Farms in Norfolk. This impressive project, costing £25 million and covering four acres, utilizes cutting-edge LED-based lighting systems. It has the capability to produce 250 times more leafy greens than traditional farming methods and operates year-round using sustainable energy sources. This breakthrough marks a significant leap in vertical farming investment and underscores the potential of vertical farming as a solution for year-round fresh produce supply, particularly in the face of climate change and resource constraints (1).

Another notable advancement in smart vertical farming is the adoption of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology. BLE is an energy-efficient version of Bluetooth that enables long-term communication between devices with minimal energy consumption. It facilitates real-time monitoring and control of crucial environmental factors such as soil moisture and light, which are essential for optimal plant growth. This system has yielded substantial improvements in crop yield and energy efficiency. For instance, a farm in the Netherlands that implemented BLE sensors reported a 20% increase in yield, while vertical farms in Japan that used BLE to adjust lighting based on plant growth stages saved up to 30% on energy costs (2).

Generative AI and Phygital Convergence

Canva Design DAFpoQqPevcIncorporating the top tech trends of 2024, Farmlyplace is strategically aligning with the evolution of vertical farming in smart cities.

Generative AI – Everyday Automation: Our integration of AI automates routine tasks, enabling more efficient resource management and crop monitoring. This technology enhances the precision and productivity of our urban farming systems, making them more adaptable to the dynamic needs of urban environments (3).

Phygital Convergence: Digital twins in vertical farming represent a leap in optimizing farm operations. They allow for virtual simulations that inform real-world decisions, leading to improved resource management and reduced waste. This is particularly relevant in optimizing energy consumption, currently a significant challenge in European vertical farming (3).

Sustainable Technology in Challenging Climates: Projects in regions like Dubai and Iceland, where traditional farming is constrained by climate, demonstrate innovative uses of sustainable technology. These initiatives, ranging from harnessing renewable energy sources to developing climate-resilient farming techniques, offer valuable lessons for addressing food security in environmentally challenging settings (4)(5).


As Farmlyplace jumps on board with these trends, we're not just going with the flow of the future; we're actively shaping it. Our dedication to integrating the latest technology in vertical farming positions us as a badass leader in sustainable urban agriculture, ready to kick some serious butt when it comes to the challenges of food supply in diverse climates and urban landscapes. The journey ahead is all about continuous innovation, aiming to create more resilient, efficient, and kick-ass sustainable food systems in smart cities worldwide.


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