Summary: Farmlyplace's Participation at the Global Vertical Farming Show 2023 in Dubai

  • September 24, 2023

Farmlyplace had the pleasure of being part of the 4th Global Vertical Farming Show (GVF) 2023, which was held on 13-14 September at the luxurious Movenpick Grand Al Bustan in Dubai, UAE. This event has gained recognition over the years and is now the Middle East's go-to gathering for vertical farming companies, technology suppliers, policymakers, investors, and all the other cool folks in the vertical farming world. The goal of this exciting event is to bring together the entire vertical farming community for two days of networking, business opportunities, and mind-blowing conferences.

Strategic relevance

The GVF show is a great fit for Dubai because of its strategic location and forward-thinking approach to sustainable development. In the past, various government bodies in the UAE have actively participated in the event, including the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment, the Abu Dhabi Investment Office (ADIO), the Abu Dhabi Agriculture and Food Safety Authority (ADAFSA), the Emirates Green Building Council (EGBC) and others. This underlines the importance of the event in influencing the future of vertical farming, particularly in an area that is currently at the forefront of technological breakthroughs in the industry.

Farmlyplace's achievements

Farmlyplace took full advantage of this incredible opportunity to make valuable connections and brainstorm collaborations in the fascinating fields of science and plant optimizations. These strategic engagements perfectly align with the company's objectives and represent a natural progression towards contributing to the growth of vertical farming in the GCC region. Through engaging in important discussions with both local and international stakeholders, Farmlyplace has laid the foundation for potential collaborations and partnerships that have the potential to make a significant impact on the vertical farming industry.

GVF 2023 conference Momentum

The Global Vertical Farming Show (GVF) 2023 served as a melting pot of ideas, innovation and discussion around vertical farming. The event brought together industry leaders, policy makers and technology providers, making it an ideal platform to explore some of the most thought-provoking questions around vertical farming. 

How can vertical farming revolutionise urban food supply?

The conference highlighted several case studies where vertical farming has already made significant strides in urban food supply. Companies such as Farmlyplace demonstrated how their technologies can bring agriculture to urban areas, providing city dwellers with fresher and more sustainable produce. The idea of "urban agriculture" was a recurring theme, highlighting its potential to revolutionise food supply chains.

What is the role of technology in making vertical farming sustainable?

Technology was undoubtedly the star of the GVF 2023 show. From IoT sensors to AI-driven analytics, the conference demonstrated how technological innovations are making vertical farming more sustainable. Sessions focused on optimising resources, reducing waste and maximising yields, all enabled by cutting-edge technology. Feras Soufi, 
General Manager at Emirates Crop One Dubai, showcased its advances in plant growth factors, highlighting the role of science in sustainability.

Can vertical farms replace traditional agriculture?

While celebrating the advances in vertical farming, the GVF 2023 conference also recognised the role of traditional agriculture. Mehlam Moiz, Executive Director of Uns Vertical Farms explored the idea of a hybrid model combining vertical and traditional farming methods. The consensus was that each has its unique advantages and limitations, and that a collaborative approach could offer the best of both worlds.

What are the barriers to large-scale adoption of vertical farming?

Several sessions were dedicated to the challenges facing vertical farming, including high initial costs and regulatory hurdles. Hassan Halawy, General Manager of Elite Agro Projects LLC pointed out that industry leaders and policymakers should be engaged in dialogue to identify potential solutions, such as subsidies or public-private partnerships, to overcome these barriers. The conference served as a platform for constructive debate on how to scale up vertical farming in a sustainable way.

How can vertical farming contribute to food security?

Food security was a central theme, especially given the participation of various government bodies such as the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment. Olivier TAISNE, VP at Pure Harvest Smart Farms explored how vertical farming can contribute to local food production, reduce dependence on imports and improve food security. Farmlyplace's focus on science and plant growth factors was highlighted as a key contributor to this goal.

The conference also addressed the growing challenges of urbanisation, such as land use and sustainability. Vertical farming was presented as a creative solution that uses existing urban structures to bring agriculture into the city. The concept fits well with Dubai's innovative approach to sustainable development, making it a fitting theme for the GVF 2023 conference.

Focus on science and plant growth factors

The Global Vertical Farming Show (GVF) 2023 in Dubai provided an important venue for ground-breaking discussions and collaborations in the vertical farming industry. Farmlyplace and the University of California, Riverside (UCR) were two key participants who engaged in discussions about research and product development beside the conference. Their conversations were particularly important given the conference's overall themes of sustainability, technology and innovation.

Farmlyplace: From science to tangible products

Farmlyplace's participation at GVF 2023 was marked by a strong focus on the scientific aspects of vertical farming. The organization showcased its latest research and technological advancements in plant growth factors, demonstrating how science can enhance production and resource utilization. The presentations delivered by Farmlyplace were well received by attendees, including lawmakers and potential investors, aligning with the conference's sustainability theme.

The collaborative discussion between Farmlyplace and UCR was a standout moment during the conference. Both parties explored how academic research can complement industrial innovation in the realm of science and product development. The conversation opened up possibilities for future collaborations, such as joint research projects and the practical application of scientific knowledge in product development.

Main takeaways

- Farmlyplace made it abundantly clear that science is the key to boosting the efficiency and sustainability of vertical farming. The company's impressive background in product development certainly caught the attention of stakeholders.

- Farmlyplace and UCR are teaming up to bridge the gap between scientific research and practical application. Their dynamic discussion has laid the groundwork for exciting future collaborations, including joint research projects and innovative product development ventures.


Farmlyplace's participation in the GVF 2023 Show was highly successful, as demonstrated by the establishment of valuable connections and the planning of collaborations in the scientific and technological aspects of vertical farming. The event has solidified Farmlyplace's position as a player in the industry and sets the stage for its ongoing contributions to the growth of vertical farming in the GCC region. The discussions between Farmlyplace and the University of California Riverside at GVF 2023 showcased the exciting opportunities for scientific research and product development in vertical farming. Their collaborative dialogue enriched the conference by offering a comprehensive perspective on how academia and industry can work together to advance the vertical farming industry. These discussions provided stakeholders and attendees with valuable insights into the future of sustainable agriculture and underscored the significance of science and product development in shaping that future.

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