Farmlyplace provides learning opportunities that stray away from the traditional curriculum and move towards a more effective learning strategy that aims to work with each unique student’s interests and learning abilities. 

The future of education is supported by Farmlyplace. More education providers are challenging teaching norms and realizing the gaps in the system that leave many students who are unable to learn the traditional way behind. 

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Through differentiated learning, using Kiezfarm as a hands-on teaching tool to promote excitement and engagement towards modern farming; phenomenon-based learning, which provides a holistic, idea and concept-based made necessary in our pandemic changed world; and game-based learning, creating a learning environment that encourages learning via game and interactive modelling. 

Differentiated Learning

Opportunities for differentiated learning (virtual plus experience) provides all students within their same diverse classroom community a range of different avenues for understanding new information in terms of acquiring content; processing, constructing, or making sense of ideas; and developing teaching materials and assessment measures so that all students within a classroom can learn effectively, regardless of differences in their ability.

Phenomenon-based Learning

The phenomenon-based learning (PhBL or PhenoBL) is a multidisciplinary, constructivist form of learning or pedagogy where students study a topic or concept in a holistic approach instead of in a subject-based approach. PhBL includes both topical learning (also known as topic-based learning or instruction), where the phenomenon studied is a specific topic, event, or fact, and thematic learning (also known as theme-based learning or instruction), where the phenomenon studied is a concept or idea.

Game-based Learning.

Game-based learning is defined as a teaching style where learners acquire the knowledge and skills required to promote sustainable development through game-based offerings and experiences. By engaging with experiential and collaborative techniques, students can evolve their skills through a medium they are already comfortable with. More of today’s youth are familiar with games and learn quickly in these environments, which nurture education while promoting participation through play. 

Farmlyplace Educational Programs and Services

Choosing to register your class or group for Farmlyplace’s educational programs means you are providing your students and learners with new, experiential, yet proven learning techniques. Skills learned from our urban farming and sustainability courses can be taken back to the classroom and incorporated into their other coursework. These new learning techniques can then better prepare them for their educational future as well as give them a newfound interest in sustainable agriculture. 

Reach out for more information and to let us know about your requirements today. 

Courses are currently being offered virtually, opening up programs to a worldwide set of learners to

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