This indoor farm makes a buzz all over Germany now: Farmly.ME

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Your Personal Indoor Farming Solution

Unleash Your Green Thumb With Farmly.ME: Grow Your Way to a Healthier, Greener Way of Life

Farmly.ME: An Innovative Approach to Indoor Farming

Farmly.ME, a table-top seedling nursery built for the modern urban dweller, allows you to enjoy the thrill of gardening all year.

Achieve Your Gardening Goals with Farmly.ME

Exceed your goals by growing a range of plants, from herbs to veggies, right in the comfort of your own home.

Farmly.ME vs. the Competition

Discover how Farmly.ME differentiates itself from other indoor farming products by emphasizing customization and user-friendliness.

Learning and Growing with Farmly.ME

Farmly.ME is more than a product; it's a hands-on learning experience that allows you to become thoroughly acquainted with the process of growing plants.

Why Farmly.ME is the Future of Indoor Farming

Farmly.ME is a forward-thinking solution that challenges traditional gardening practices and opens up a world of possibilities.


Request for Proposal, NOW!

Farmly.ME provides a unique chance for urban residents to enhance their lifestyle and adopt a health-conscious and sustainable way of life. You can grow your own food indoors using Farmly.ME, ensuring year-round access to fresh, healthy products. This not only encourages a better diet but also improves sustainability by eliminating the demand for commercially cultivated produce, which frequently includes long-distance transportation and excessive packaging.

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 Furthermore, Farmly.ME offers a therapeutic exercise that can help decrease stress and promote mental well-being. It's a hands-on learning experience that can be both informative and enjoyable, making it an excellent hobby for both individuals and families. To summarize, Farmly.ME is more than just an indoor farming product. It is a way of living that promotes health, sustainability, and personal progress. With Farmly.ME, you can take charge of your food supply, learn new skills, and contribute to a greener future.

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Bildungsangebote, Workshops, Events

Farmlyplace ist nun schon länger auch mit Bildungsangeboten im Themenkreis Urban Farming, Sustainable Development und Smart Cities unterwegs und bietet für Schulexkursionen, Schülerpraktikum, Programme von Austausch-Studenten oder Graduiertenprogramme interessante neue Ansätze und Inhalte an.

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Frische Sprossen

Wer die frischen Sprossen aus der Farmlyplace Kiezfarm haben will, kann gleich heute im Farmlyshop ein Paket bestellen, sich für einen Social Friday eintragen oder an einer Verkostung teilnehmen.


Farmlyplace stands as B2B partner for the conceptual design, planning, construction, marketing, and sales, as well as the operation of modular farm systems and the trade of products derived from such farms. Furthermore Farmlyplace offers the ...
Development of management and control systems for urban farming (smart farming).
Operation of an online marketing platform for locally produced products.
Providing a quality management solution for the farm system customers.
Nevertheless, Farmlyplace supplies end consumers with fresh lettuce, leafy greens and herbs, produces high-quality, locally produced, fresh, organic and natural products, and produces them sustainable and without genetic engineering.

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