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Kiezfarm by Farmlyplace , produces delicious leafy greens and exotic herbs in a depot in Berlin Charlottenburg and has a learning experience tour for you: Every Wednesday, or by arrangement, Farmlyplace invites Berlin schoolchildren and students to a two-hour tour of the Kiezfarm in Charlottenburg.

You will go through the central work areas and get a feel for urban farming and hydroponics in the big city through a practical exercise. In an exciting short lecture you will learn almost everything about the resource-saving production of rainbow chard, dinosaur cabbage. You may know the exotic varieties such as Thai basil, mizuna and shiso from the Asian restaurants on Kantstrasse. In the Kiezfarm you can learn how and, above all, why hydroponics enables resource savings in soil, water, CO2 and waste and why a special LED light enables harvesting 365 days a year.

You should go as a school class if:

  • You want to experience local and sustainable agriculture in Berlin.
  • You want to learn more about the movement of the locavores
  • You want to test and get to know your green thumb
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Learning from the farm keeper

Take part in discussions and question and answer sessions with our event managers and farm keepers and learn how they have developed successful strategies.

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