To be effective, hand sanitizer needs to have a strength of at least 70 percent Isopropyl alcohol (IPA). In order to stabilize the gel and protect your hands, we mix your sanitizer with aloe vera gel and basil essential oil. According to WHO recipes the mixture must contain at least two-thirds isopropyl alcohol and one-third gel to to be effective as an biozide.

Our hand sanitizer with basil essential oil is perfect for use as a mild and skin friendly disinfectant.

Basanitol gel by Farmlyplace provides a revitalizing cleansing for healthier skin and renewed focus.

[FRESH & CLEAR] Gain mental clarity with a fresh and deep herbal aroma.

[FOCUS] The feeling of mental exhaustion is decreasing, replaced by a revived focus.

[DEEPLY CLEANSE] Rub with Basanitol® gel to significantly reduce germs, bacteria and viruses on your hands while maintaining a protected skin.

[GENTLY HYDRATE] Lightly moisten your hands with aloe vera gel. Your hand feels hydrated and softer.

label Basanitol® gel by Farmlyplace

Basanitol® gel

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