Three food start-ups changing the food system game

Last year, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, we moved our Food in the City meetups online. With almost every aspect of our existence now pushed online and made digital, we weren’t sure the level of enthusiasm for online events still existent amongst our meetup members. Yet, we were pleasantly surprised and inspired by all the amazing people we met throughout the year!

Of all those who joined us to share what they were up to and why we’ve chosen our top three startups in the local food scene who we think deserve an extra round of appreciation. If you haven’t heard of these local food champions yet, you are in for a sweet surprise! Make sure to follow their work and join us to meet more like them at our first Food in the City meetup of 2021!

#1 CHOCO — the app that makes the food supply chain flow

At our Micrologistics meetup in July, Julius Hoffmann, Chelsea van Hooven, and Peter Fabian from CHOCO joined us to share how they are innovating food supply chains by connecting restaurants and suppliers through a user-friendly, all in one supply management smartphone application where both players can manage bills, instantly be in touch, and transparently manage stock in real-time.

As the pandemic wreaked havoc on restaurants and food systems globally, the CHOCO team paused to reflect on how they could truly adhere to their values of sustainability and locality. They have emerged ready to genuinely support people and the planet and to build a community around reducing food waste. All while connecting small and medium-sized producers to chefs that value the art of healthy, local food production.

#2 SuperCoop — your favorite local supermarket, with an important twist

Julia, co-founder of SuperCoop, joined us for our September meetup on social businesses and agriculture in cities. Over the last couple of years, the SuperCoop team has been doing market research and implementing human-centered design techniques to build a cooperative grocery market in the heart of Berlin. – and they are already making lots of noise!! This supermarket concept is to be grounded in transparent sourcing & collective management principles while providing fresh, affordable products to the local community.

Having such grocery stores in our cities plays an important role in building more sustainable food systems. Cooperative consumers have a direct impact on the food system by actively making more sustainable food choices. Transparency and direct trade are also important factors in achieving more solidarity between the producers and consumers, and in forming a healthy food system together.

#3 UNFOLD — creative & engaging storytelling for food system transparency

We invited Leonard Schrage to speak on this experience as a sustainability-focused architect during our November meetup, and he shared a new project that he co-founded called UNFOLD. A quick look at the website and you’ll already see – these guys are taking food system communication to whole a new level. The story of local producers is told through beautiful visualizations, which speak for themselves. You can feel the joy of the art of artisanal production through the care each producer provides in their daily work. It is powerful, beautiful, and inspiring!

Although at it’s very beginnings, we are confident that UNFOLD and it’s vision for transperant food chains will grow in to a very valuable piece of the future food network. Stay tuned for what Leonard has planned next!!

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