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Vertical crop farming

Farmlyplace is an innovator in vertical crop farming and produces ingredients for smart food production, nutritional supplements and active compounds for medicinal products, based on controlled environment cultivation of natural organisms such as cultivated mushrooms, algae and foliage plants, purified and processed to achieve best quality produce that is safe for consumers.

Rich food solutions with Kale

Rich Food Solutions

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Extracts, nutritional supplements

Nutraceutical solutions that help people manage their health and well-being – Immune system support, mitigation of insomnia , Improved concentration & focus, Increased stamina, Enhanced recovery, Healthy blood pressure.

Farmlyplace produces cultivated Cordyceps Militaris with high yields of active ingredients, outstanding purity and superior quality free of byproducts, by using data driven cultivation in a highly controlled and contained farm environment.

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Active Compounds based on natural products

The therapeutic properties of plants have been recognized since time immemorial. Many pathological conditions have been treated using plant-derived medicines. These medicines are used as concoctions or concentrated plant extracts without isolation of active compounds. Modern medicine however, requires the isolation and purification of one or two active compounds. Farmlyplace works as a contract manufacturing organization (CMO) for pharmaceutical developers.

Controlled environment farming

The high yield of essential elements and active ingredients, like cordycepin, in superior purity and consistent quality depends on the high quality of the raw produce can only be obtained in a patented technology with well optimized custom processes for the particular species. Precision farming technology enables the consistency of yield, purity and amounts of the active ingredients.



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