What is the Fourth Sector?

Most economies follow the same outline, organizing themselves into three sectors: the public, that of the government; private, which are private businesses; and, non-profits, such as charities. Until recently, no one had considered a fourth sector. A sector that, like all revolutions, has been emerging on its own out of necessity for change.

The fourth sector is for-benefit enterprises using their market share and influence to create sustainable change and real solutions to the world’s problems. It’s a blend of both the private sector with environmental and social involvement. The fourth sector is really beginning to push the boundaries of what’s “acceptable” and “normal” in society. Although many of these actions have received much pushback, thankfully, this will soon change. 

What is a purpose-driven society?

For many businesses over the past century, their main purpose has been to increase profits.  The purpose-driven economy has budded. This puts corporate social responsibility, ethics, carbon offsets, and “green” business goals at the front of many for-profit groups. Why not make an income while attempting the change the world for the better? 

This “think global, act local” idealism is paramount to this new purpose-driven economy. It has become an essential and expected part of business. Consumers and younger generations are demanding social responsibility from the brands they shop and engage with. Non-profits are even now taking on private business market practices while engaging their purposes as well. 

Where does Kiezfarm come in as a purpose-driven, key player in urban agriculture?

There is an increasing demand, in the wake of the pandemic, for urban agriculture, biodiversity and other nature-based innovation to combat climate change. Not only that but also to provide social strengthening within our cities. Farmlyplace’s Kiezfarm seeks to solve this problem by encouraging educational, social, and sustainable action within communities. The project is to leverage recent advancements and produce healthy, and environmentally responsible food. 

Kiezfarm in Berlin CharlottenburgPurpose-driven scheme

Based in a repurposed warehouse, Kiezfarm allows the community to take part in sustainable farming within an urban environment. Residents can educate themselves on the importance of climate for the future of the global environment. Through Farmlyplace’s community-inspired agriculture projects and monthly Food in the City meetups, Kiezfarm wants to help shape the city of Berlin towards a greener, more inspiring place for urban food production. 

We are hoping to inspire the community to develop a love of nature and locally produced food regardless of their location or social status. Although we are not a non-profit organization, we have set our purpose at the very forefront of our business. We aim to help motivate the fourth sector to become the leading economic sector within the economy. 

Interested in learning more about how Farmlyplace and Kiezfarm are pushing social change with urban farming and agriculture? Read more of our articles here find us at one of our Food in the City events or reach out and help get the conversation started with a member of our team today.

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