How Farmlyplace is coping during COVID-19

Staying safe at Farmlyplace As the world shifts to try and navigate a new normal brought on by the current COVID-19 pandemic, we here at Farmlyplace have been thinking of ways we could contribute to our local community.

As a small and growing start-up dedicated to a more sustainable, local and transparent food system, it is imperative that we think of ways to continue building a local food movement, even in uncertain times.

We have been experimenting with new products made from our fresh and local produce, including weekly leafy green boxes, Farmlyplace official food items and herb-infused cosmetics. Read on to see some of the new products we have on offer, including new Local Champion memberships for 20% off! 

We hope you all are staying safe and healthy. We look forward to connecting with you again in person soon. In the meantime, make sure to connect with us digitally for our weekly ‘Social Fridays’ where you can hear the latest news from Farmlyplace and hear from farmers and local food enthusiasts who share insights on whats going on in the local food world!

Farmlyplace 70% IPA Hand Sanitizer

As the world began to face shortages of needed supplies to combat COVID-19, we looked at our farms and wondered if we could use our products to produce something new and necessary for the current crisis. Our fresh and fragrant basil plants came to the rescue! Basil is known to be anti-inflammatory and a good relief to anxiety and stress, helping the body respond better to challenges. Learn more and join our community of Local Champions to get a free bottle of Basanitol as soon as you sign up! Learn More Here

Become a Local Champion

Sign up for a Farmlyplace Membership and enjoy a 20% discount on all Farmlyplace products, access to the Local Champions – a community of local buyers, access to monthly Farmlyplace community events, and one free bottle of Farmlyplace Basanitol hand sanitizing gel once you sign up!

Social Fridays! 

When: every Friday from 16-18hr

Doing good has never felt sweeter. Social Friday is a cool new way to spend your Friday afternoons – with your Farmlyplace team, for the community. We are meeting digitally until we can meet again at the Insel. If you would like to be a speaker, get in touch. See you on Fridays! 

Who are the local food advocates in your town?

See who is active in the local food community in your neighborhood, or your favorite cities! Browse our growing directory of local buyers from all over the world, or join to promote your own local food initiative!

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