Recap: Solidarity Agriculture & Social Businesses – Food in the City Meetup 26 May

In our monthly ‘Food in the city’ meetups, we learn about real-life projects and the tangible work of our speakers & participants. This month we focused on Solidarity Agriculture and Social Businesses that are feeding the city. Our conversation spanned labor rights, accessibility, expansion and growth, as well as food education. It was a dense 

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Eine Abkehr vom traditionellen Lehrplanlernen

Eine Abkehr vom traditionellen Lehrplanlernen Farmlyplace bietet Lernmöglichkeiten, die vom traditionellen Lehrplan abweichen und zu einer effektiveren Lernstrategie führen, die darauf abzielt, mit den Interessen und Lernfähigkeiten jedes einzelnen Schülers zu arbeiten. Die Zukunft der Bildung wird von Farmlyplace unterstützt. Immer mehr Bildungsanbieter fordern die Unterrichtsnormen heraus und erkennen die Lücken im System, die viele 

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Architecture and Urban Design meets Food In The City – November 2020

{Blog photo: Sasaki‘s plans for Sunqiao Urban Agricultural District in Shanghai] Green cities in the context of food production in urban spaces is the focus of our Food in the City talk in November. This time we had one of the most popular meetups so far, and were happy to see so many new faces. 

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The Tastefulness and Quality of Hydroponic Produce; What are the Benefits

As children, we’re taught that plants need soil, sunlight, and water to survive. Hydroponic growing flips that idea on its head, Proving that exceptional food can be grown in small spaces without the need for cultivating soil or using (harmful/excessive) fertilizers. Especially when it comes to urban farming and growth, we are seeing a shift 

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Food In The City – September 2020 Meetup – Social Business and Agriculture in the City

About the monthly meetups: On the last Wednesday of every month, Farmlyplace hosts a monthly meetup called ‘Food in the city’. These meetups provide an opportunity to network in a relaxed manner. In every meetup we invite food in the city advocates to talk about a certain theme in relation to their innovative work and 

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CSA – Community Supported Agriculture – What is it and what does it mean in a COVID-19 world?

How long does it take for the food you eat to travel from the source to your plate? Many urban dwellers don’t look to see where their produce, meat, and other foods are coming from and how long or how far it has gone to get there. It’s not something that’s usually at the forefront 

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Drei Gründe, warum Urban Farming die Zukunft der Ernährung in Städten mitbestimmen wird

Landwirtschaft im urbanen Raum oder allgemein als Urban Gardening oder Farming bezeichnet den Anbau von Pflanzen und die Aufzucht von Tieren, die in einer Stadt oder Gemeinde Lebensmittel produzieren. Es umfasst auch die Verarbeitung und Verteilung dieser Produkte in der ganzen Stadt.