How Farmlyplace is coping during COVID-19

Staying safe at Farmlyplace As the world shifts to try and navigate a new normal brought on by the current COVID-19 pandemic, we here at Farmlyplace have been thinking of ways we could contribute to our local community. As a small and growing start-up dedicated to a more sustainable, local and transparent food system, it is imperative that we think of ways to continue building 

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Nutrient Value and Health Benefits of Dark Leafy Greens and Kale

The traditional method of growing plants includes essential nutrients from soil, sun and water, whereas hydroponic is a process in which plants grow without soil. During this procedure, the plants do not require to absorb nutrients from the soil, instead, nutrients are directly fed to plants. Thus, hydroponic completely eliminates the use of soil for 

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Can Blockchain help to overcome challenges in the food supply chain?

Networks around agriculture and food supply chains are an important factor for producers’ access to new markets. These platforms can have a major impact on the economic, social and environmental sustainability of areas with agricultural production. Blockchain is a game changer in this field, due to the distributed nature of the technology. Smart farming, in 

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Drei Gründe, warum Urban Farming die Zukunft der Ernährung in Städten mitbestimmen wird

Landwirtschaft im urbanen Raum oder allgemein als Urban Gardening oder Farming bezeichnet den Anbau von Pflanzen und die Aufzucht von Tieren, die in einer Stadt oder Gemeinde Lebensmittel produzieren. Es umfasst auch die Verarbeitung und Verteilung dieser Produkte in der ganzen Stadt.

SEO content writers wanted

…writers wanted! Farmlyplace, an aspiring company of local food production and urban farming in Berlin is currently looking for freelance content providers. As a SEO content writer, you will not only be asked to write 500-700 word articles for topics around sustainable life and local food in Berlin, related to various projects but also to 

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